‘Small Worlds’ | Caleb Azumah Nelson

Directed by
Caleb Azumah Nelson
Produced by
Celeste Doig for Penguin 

Trailer for Nelson’s much anticipated 2nd novel. 

Sound of Life | Sound Makers

Directed by
Radford Nicholls
Produced by
Flying Object

A documentary series celebrating aritsts shaping sound art, from designers to musicians.

Featuring Haroon Mirza, Brigitte Hart and ShyOne.

Always - Keep Her Playing

Directed by
Emily McDonald
Produced by
Stef Reid

Paralympic athlete Stef Reid advocates for young girls to continue sport beyond puberty.

Fortitude (Documentary, 2021)

Written and Directed by
Radford Nichols
Executive Producers
Ron Timehin, Matt Rendell,
Chuck Gul
Officially partnered with The Black Cirriculum

Available to stream on Waterbear

At the height of the Black Lives Matter protests across the world, black British Londoners reflect on the role race has played in the lives.

GAIKA: 100 Names of God

Written and Directed by
Radford Nicholls
Produced by
Eleanor Scott for Somerset House

Visionary musician and artist, Gaika on his audio-visual installation ‘100 Names of God’ at Somerset House.