‘Small Worlds’ | Caleb Azumah Nelson

Directed by
Caleb Azumah Nelson
Produced by
Celeste Doig for Penguin 

Trailer for Nelson’s much anticipated 2nd novel. 

Sound of Life | Sound Makers

Directed by
Radford Nicholls
Produced by
Flying Object

A documentary series celebrating aritsts shaping sound art, from designers to musicians.

Featuring Haroon Mirza, Brigitte Hart and ShyOne.

GAIKA: 100 Names of God

Written and Directed by
Radford Nicholls
Produced by
Eleanor Scott for Somerset House

Visionary musician and artist, Gaika on his audio-visual installation ‘100 Names of God’ at Somerset House.

Always - Keep Her Playing

Directed by
Emily McDonald
Produced by
Stef Reid

Paralympic athlete Stef Reid advocates for young girls to continue sport beyond puberty.

Hewlett Packard | Go Further