Pray (2023) (Trailer)

Written and Directed by
Caleb Azumah Nelson
Produced by
Matimba Kabalika and Amy Wells, B-Side Production
Executive Producers
Claudia Yussef for BBC Film
David Johnsson and Lamar Waves

Golden Pardino - Leopards of Tomorrow, Locarno Film Festival 2023

Official Selection
London Film Festival, 2023
Locarno Film Festival, 2023

Traversing grief, hope, first love and home, PRAY is a portrait of brotherhood and finding joy in the midst of despair.

Mood (2022) 
Assembly Editor - Episodes 4 + 5

Written and Staring
Nicole Lecky
Directed by
Stroma Cairns
Produced by
Bonafinde Films for BBC Three
RTS Awards 2023 - Best Limited Series

BAFTA 2023 - Best Limited Series 

The seductive world of influencers hides dark secrets. Drama with original soundtrack from Nicôle Lecky.

Episodes 4 + 5 assembly edited for Eve Doherty

Treacle Town (2022) (Trailer)

Written and Directed by
Casey Hennessy
Produced by
Scarlett Barclay
Executive Producers
BFI Network
Best Editing - Little Wing Festival

In a small Midland town, two teenage best friends commemorate their last night together by camping out overnight in a giant department store - but tensions begin to boil as the reality of leaving each other hit home.

Bulldozer (2021)

Written and Directed by
Stella Scott
Produced by
Sorcha Bacon | Tryhard Films
Executive Producer
Eva Yates | BBC Film

Watch now:

BBC iPlayer

Ray’s estate is being bulldozed. On the way to a fireworks night, Ray and her daughter take a detour through the new development that is being built in its place.

You From The Future (2022)

Written and Directed by
Joe and Tim
Produced by
Reb Day
Executive Producers
BFI | Film London
  • Bifa Long-listed: Best Short Film
  • Best Editing - Infitiy Film Festival
  • Best Comedy - Apex Film Festival

Daniel and Mary are a twenty-something couple with their lives stuck on pause… that is until two, very familiar-looking, visitors from the future come to hit fast-forward.